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WOW! The Intuitive Movement Jam has touched my life in so many ways. It feeds my soul in ways I never imagined. Dance and music have always been a big part of my life. The Jam gives me the space to take it to a higher level. Jean-Paul’s music selections are always spot on! Give it a whirl and a twirl!

Stacey I. - Monrovia, CA

I love your Intuitive Movement Jam -- it is truly a sanctuary in which to explore the depths and have fun while doing it!

Sheila S. - Los Angeles, CA

I originally came to Intuitive Movement Jam to support my fitness and weight loss goals, so I wasn't surprised to get a great cardio workout with every session. What did surprise me was how much fun, freedom and empowerment I feel from stretching, dancing, jumping, spinning and just playing in this wonderful environment. So while I still get a great Monday workout, I absolutely treasure the joy I.M. Jam brings to my life.

Brenda - Altadena, CA

Thanks for Intuitive Movement Jam Jean-Paul! I love the setting in the vintage Craftsman era Farnsworth Park Davies Building, Your music mix is so conducive to creating imaginative dance forms -- I liken my dance to the idea of "life sculpture" -- carving movements out of the time spent rhapsodically interpreting the music into body expressions. Ecstatic Dance practices such as this are efficient means of marrying mind and body, encouraging cardiovascular exercise, and getting a celebration of living Groove on! The I.M. Jam Rocks!

Robert Mendel - Highland Park, Los Angeles, CA

As someone who is on a sacred journey to reawaken my body's ability to heal itself, I am so grateful for the space that Jean-Paul provides at the Intuitive Movement Jam. Dance has always been my touchstone and my entry to joy. However, being in the middle of a rather painful flare of my Rheumatoid Arthritis, it has been difficult for me to do traditional dance classes as it is sometimes impossible for me to follow the choreographed movements because of the pain I am experiencing. However, in intuitive dance, I am able to allow my body to move the way it needs to in order to move the energy through. Thank you, Jean-Paul for offering this space.

Marcella - Los Angeles, CA

The Intuitive Movement Jam is relaxing, invigorating and FUN! I feel completely comfortable attending by myself and the lighting is low enough so you really can dance like no one is watching. Whether I do my homegrown version of a samba, ballet, a waltz, or just stretch on the floor, I can be in my own world with the music and feel completely free to try anything, goofy or not!

Bridget A. – La Canada, CA

I was looking all over LA for a place OTHER than a dance club to dance, where I didn't have to learn steps, so you can imagine how excited I was to find out that Jean-Paul was holding Intuitive Movement Jam right up the hill, at Farnsworth Park! So precisely what I was looking for, and in walking distance. And it's everything I thought it would be - and more. I love that there are no steps to learn and no pressure. I love that the group is varied in terms of age and such... There was a really wonderful older couple who came recently for instance, and it was great to see them out there, having so much fun with each other and with the group. I'm a really verbal person, personally and in my work (I read and write), so it's really refreshing and different to spend an hour or two without talking. Even in yoga, the teacher talks! I'm enjoying the non-verbal group interaction - it's not often that you spend so much time with people you don't know well but get to know a bit without talking to them (since there are regulars who come every week, as well as new people who join in). And interesting to see how the dynamic evolves over time and changes from week to week in interesting ways. It is not at all about performance, and the lighting from the big chandeliers is kept nice and low - but I enjoy seeing how unique everyone is in their relationship to the music and space and am impressed by it. I'm really thankful to Jean-Paul for doing this - he clearly does this out of passion for it. We're really lucky to have this right here in Altadena! It's a great combo of cardio (nice non-gym way to get in one's exercise), yoga, dance... I go every week, without fail.

Michelle B. – Altadena, CA

The greatest experiences brought to me with Intuitive Movement Jam are Love, Care, and Open Hearts/Imagination. I have moved into wonderful physical and emotional release/healing places, held Joy for my self and others, explored a myriad of energies in that place in-between us all, connected with many beautiful spirits of others attending, aesthetically enjoyed a wonderful array of music presented by Jean-Paul, and have truly tripped THE light fantastic on many occasions. Jean-Paul's love for the art and practice of intuitive or free dance and his warm welcome for all is unsurpassed. There is no judgment or petit concerns at I.M. Jam-- only Openness!

John Pabros-Clark - Los Angeles, CA

I heard about I.M. Jam from a few different friends for a couple of months before I finally ran out of excuses for not going. I wish I had run out of excuses sooner. A decade ago I used to dance a lot. These days, strangely I listen to a lot of dance music, but rarely dance. Intuitive Movement Jam has been the perfect place for me to begin moving again. Jean-Paul's selection of music is amazing. And, although the Jam isn't a class, watching Jean-Paul move, and the other people in the space too, provides plenty of inspiration to expand my own repertoire of movement. Slowly but surely, I am introducing more of my friends to my new favorite Monday night adventure. Sometimes it takes a little while... as they too need to run out of excuses first. Then they thank me.

Kevin H., Montrose, CA

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